Embodia for Home Exercise Programs

Prescribe personalized home programs including exercises and education to guide patients between appointments. Available for practitioners and patients on web and mobile apps (Apple and Android).

Monitor progress and follow up with patients remotely

Monitor patient progress via the patient dashboard which includes progress tracking, symptom levels, and a wide range of outcome measures. Easily pull progress reports into your chart notes. Enable two-way messaging to communicate securely and easily with your patients via the web and mobile apps.

An extensive exercise library for every area of practice

Each account comes preloaded with thousands of exercise videos that are ready to be prescribed. This includes a wide range of content from Embodia instructors across every area of practice. Practitioners and clinics can also create their own exercise content. Add personalized instructions to each exercise or the entire program. Patients can choose to receive push notifications to remind them to do their exercises.

Thank you Embodia! It's proven to be one of a few apps I rely on the most in my practice. Embodia really saves me a lot of time every single day and my patients LOVE it!

Sara K., PT, BSc, MSc(PT), FCAMPT

A patient education library to complement what you teach in session

Share educational content with your patients that support what they learned in session. Select from Embodia’s library, including content from top clinical instructors, or upload your own. Create text, image, or video-based educational content!

Record your patient in session for a truly personalized approach

Seamlessly capture videos or images of patients being coached through exercises. Your patients' personal content will be available to them on their secure Embodia web and mobile apps. Patients can track their progress, mark completion rates, and keep notes.

Thank you so much! I use Embodia with my patients - I find the system really easy to operate. It is brilliant!

Dr Judith Thompson, Specialist Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Exercise Science Curtin University

Patients use Embodia for free on any device

Patients can access, view, and track their personalized home programs anytime, anywhere. Patients feel engaged and motivated to follow their programs with gentle reminders, clear instructions, and progress tracking.

Embodia was a reassuring extension of my physiotherapist that truly helped me through the rough days of my recovery. Recovering from multiple pelvic fractures was a painful, slow process. The Embodia App made it less lonely. The friendly exercise reminders and progress tracker helped me feel linked to my physiotherapist.

Heather M.

Prescribe complete programs in 3 clicks

Embodia’s template feature allows for quick program prescription. Select a template and prescribe it to a patient. Adjust the program settings as needed, including reps, sets, resistance level, and hold (counted in seconds, minutes, or breaths!). You can select from Embodia’s library of templates or build your own.

Clinics have unique features that enable collaboration

Create a clinic library of exercises, education, and questionnaires. Easily share patient profiles and collaborate on prescribed programs. Clinic managers have complete oversight of their account including practitioner and patient stats.

Easily share questionnaires and outcome measures digitally

Embodia offers a large library of questionnaires and outcome measures that include automated scoring. You can also build your own questionnaires including diaries for self-reported tracking (such as sleep or stress diaries). For the pelvic health therapists, we offer digital bladder and fibre diaries that can be completed on any device (patients will thank you - it’s much easier to bring a phone to the bathroom than a piece of paper!)

Securely message with your patients

Patients can take notes on exercise programs and track their progress, and then receive real-time feedback from their trusted practitioner. Quickly send, receive, and access messages on the go with the Embodia mobile app. Receive notifications when you have new messages and keep all patient communication on one secure portal.

Incorporating Embodia into my clinical care has been a game changer, especially with the current shift toward virtual care. I have never liked using digital platforms before this one! I am a convert. My patients tell me it is easier to know they are doing their exercises correctly, they appreciate the reminders and they like having an easy way to contact me. I like being able to easily share more "homework" and education while keeping track of how my patients are doing.

Geneviève Renaud

Streamline your practice.

Chart, schedule, bill, prescribe HEP, and run your whole practice on one platform. Subscribe to Embodia today and start enjoying all it has to offer at an affordable, monthly price.

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